Why The Jam Scene Is Overlooked By The Media.

The Truth About Jam Music
The real truth about jam music is that it is sort of an in-between music genre. By this, I mean jam music is a cross between rock and progressive music. Moreover, jam music never caught on in the same way hip hop, pop, jazz, blues, psych or garage did. In addition, the startling fact to be reconciled with is that jam music is less of a musical genre and more of a way to describe a handful of bands. In Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Live Shows In The Rock Scene.

The Best Live Shows In The Rock Scene.

How The Rock Scene Has Changed Over The Years
The rock scene has changed a lot over the past decade. A lot of well-known rock bands have broken up. For instance, The White Stripes and Sonic Youth are no longer an active unit. Nevertheless, a number of young bands are showing exceptional promise in the rock scene. Moreover, newer bands are relying on the advancements of digital technology in order to perfect their sound.

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Most Important Up And Coming Rock Bands.

Multitudes of new rock bands have exploded onto the music scene with unique vocals and interesting instrumental patterns. However, one new rock music band stands above all of the others in terms of popularity and quality. My Darkest Days has recently increased in popularity due to the hit “Casual Sex” in which the singer describes a friends-with-benefits relationship with lyrics that your mother would not wish to hear. If you are a fan of borderline inappropriate rock music, then My Darkest Days is certainly the band for you.

Enjoy some of the older music of My Darkest Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Anticipated Album Releases For The Holidays.

There are many albums from tons of different artists that are coming out in 2012. Some of these albums have a scheduled release date. In October, Three Days Grace and Stone Sour are having both of their forth studio albums released. November has some good artists as well, these include Green Day, with their tenth album; Leona Lewis, with her third album; and a second album from Big Boi. Many artists albums do not have a release date yet but might be coming out this year. Artists to look out for are big names such as Christina Aguilera and Demi Read the rest of this entry »

Shows With Great Soundtracks

Whether you’ve got all the http://www.directstartv.com/ you could want or you’ve only got the basic 70, there are great shows on right now showcases some amazing bands you should be listening to. Here are a few of our favorites to look for:
The Real World: Yeah, it may be painful to watch this reality juggernaut after all these years but MTV still knows its way around amazing soundtracks. They’ll tell you who played what, too, if you head to the website after the show is over.
Gray’s Anatomy: ABC’s hit prime time drama may be on hiatus right now but it’s notorious for having some of the best music in the business. If you like indo-emo rock you’ve got to check out Grays and find your new favorite band.
The Walking Dead: You may not have noticed because you were screaming in terror but The Walking Dead has more to offer than zombies. The melancholy background music is cutting edge and you’ll hear some familiar favorites as well. Also, keep an ear out for some orchestral numbers, too.

This Falls Most Anticipated Album Releases.

With the new year coming quickly, there is no wonder that so many musicians are trying to get their albums out before the autumn season ends. There are artists in several genres that are doing the best that they can to please their fans by releasing their records as quickly as possible. From Metallica and Lou Reed to Mastadon and Saint Vitus, the list of artists is quickly filling up as more and more new music starts to flood the industry.

Saint Vitus has been very vocal about their new album. It is coming very soon and Read the rest of this entry »

How Home Recording Has Changed The Music Business.

In order to sell your originally recorded tunes in the past you had to have a recording company to get the music on the radio for you.
You were tied to a contract, using their A&R people to select the material, and tied to a studio they approved with producers that they hired. Very little creative control stayed with the artist, until they reached the higher point in their career where their demands would be met by the label executives.
Today’s music world is totally different. Although home recording has been around since Read the rest of this entry »

The Top 5 Biggest Tours Of The Summer.

When your favorite music artists tour it is always a big deal. It is the perfect chance to see your favorite performer live and enjoy some great music with other fans. This summer there have been so many great tours but some stood out more than others did. Some of the biggest tours of the summer made a huge impact on the music industry and left people talking. Here are the top music tours of the summer that made a huge impact.

1. Britney Sears Femme Fatale Tour featuring Nicki Minaj
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What Happened To Music On MTV.

MTV. Music Television. That’s how it was introduced to the world in 1981. The words “Ladies and Gentlemen, rock and roll” were heard. And the first music video ever shown was The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star”. So what killed MTV?

Before MTV there were teen magazines. These magazines were the portal to your music idols. You could see pictures of them, read about their personal lives, and get as close to them as you could without being at a concert. Then MTV came along. It was a whole new world where you could watch your favorite singer or band badly lip-synching to a silly, more often than not cheesy, music video. But they were as live as you could get without front seat tickets.

Then along came the internet and reality TV. On the internet you can pop up any music star you want, hear their songs, watch them in concert, or just stalk their lives and find out everything you want to know. Reality TV gave people a chance to watch “real” people living their every day lives in front of the camera. How could a fake music video ever live up to that?

The 80′s were a time when hearing your favorite song was not the same without seeing the video that made it so exciting. The videos were what made the songs popular, sadly many that should not have been popular in the first place. But everyone watched just the same. Even if you were watching the same videos over and over, as was the case when MTV started.

At least the often asked question of “How can they call it Music Television when they don’t play any music?” can finally be put to rest. MTV has, sadly, removed the “Music Television” from it’s logo.

The Biggest Grammy Snubs Of The Year.

From Jethro Tull to Smells Like Teen Spirit, the Grammy Awards certainly have a reputation for not always getting it right. This year was no different with a few decisions that really make your head spin when you think about them.

While Katy Perry boasted nominations in just about every category she was eligible for it was certainly surprising to see another current pop icon get snubbed completely. With multiple hit singles and an album with huge sales you would think that Keha would be right Read the rest of this entry »